Chaos Frontline Queue Sync - 17th of July

CHAOS Frontline Queue Sync Community Event

When and where? • July 17th, Saturday, 4pm Server Time (12pm EST, 1am JST) • Onsal Hakair (Danshig Nadaam) • Ragnarok world in CHAOS datacenter (EU DC) • We gather in Wolves' Den Pier

What is it? • A community hosted event for Frontline large scale PvP mode (72man) • Intended to create competitive matches for the participants

Who is the event for? • Event is meant for players who want more challenging Frontline experience • Open to everyone but recommended only for experienced players • Newer players will likely experience difficulty and frustration • Event is not meant for players who want quick and easy wins

How does it work? • Main idea of event is for all participants to queue at the same time for every match • Duty Finder language set only to J (japanese) to avoid interference of outside players (DF language only, NOT client language) • Event coordinators will provide information on when to queue exactly • In order to obtain a better match quality, try to focus the 1st place team, and avoid any 3rd place team tunneling. Thank you

FAQ • What if I didn't get in the match? You are allowed to queue few seconds earlier than everyone else ONLY if you missed the previous match. Otherwise, please be fair and queue exactly on time. • Can I just watch the event instead? Available in #streams and/or in Discord voice chat channels. • Other general questions can be put in #chaos_chat or directly towards Amatsu-magara