CHAOS Frontline Queue Sync Community Event

CHAOS Frontline Queue Sync Community Event

When and where?

• August 22nd, Sunday, 4pm ST (12pm EST, 1am JST)

• Onsal Hakair (Danshig Nadaam)

• Ragnarok world in CHAOS datacenter (EU DC)

• We gather in Wolves' Den Pier

What is it?

• A community hosted event for Frontline large scale PvP mode (72man)

• Intended to create competitive matches for the participants

Who is the event for?

• Event is meant for players who want more challenging Frontline experience

• Open to everyone but recommended only for experienced players

• Newer players will likely experience difficulty and frustration

What special rules?

• "Slaughter" Onsal Hakair event • mid encounters ONLY

• ignore all ovoos

• in order to increase match quality, avoid any 3rd place team tunneling and focus on 1st place team.

What are the rewards?

• Player with the highest kill count in the synced matches will receive a mogstation outfit of their choice

Questions? Check out Chaos General in Revival or DM Amatsu-magara#7025 on discord