Chocobo Rival Wings on Aether!

Are you missing Rival Wings??!?

Do you kweh for mechs?? Then have we got the event for you!

Chocobo Rival Wings!!!! Hosted By Lamoura & Grumpycakes of Revival Wings

Join us on the Aether data center on Saturday, July 10th starting at 8PM EST / 5PM PST at The Wolves Den on Admantoise!

You may be wondering, how can I participate in this awesome event?

  1. Dress like a chocobo!
  2. Queue for Rival Wings!
  3. Have fun kwehing your opponents!

Dressing like a chocobo is simple, here are some handy hints!

  • Fat Chocobo Mask - bought from the achievement vendor in Old Gridania
  • Chocobo Racing Mask - Gold Saucer Pedigree
  • Chocobo Outfit - Achievement from having your chocobo companion to level 10
  • Or you could just dress up in yellow to honor our favorite feathered friend!
  • Don't forget to mount up on your Chocobo as well!!

If you would like to help promote this even you can use this handy shout in game!

Chocobo Rival Wings!!!! Hidden Gorge event Saturday July 10th. Discover the Rival Wings PvP Experience! For more info

Check the guide from Akhmorning that explains the mode or you can check the #rival_wings_guides channel for more information!

Good luck and have fun kwehing the enemy!!!