Coliseum of Chaos 2

Reminder that the Feast Tournament - Coliseum of Chaos 2 is still recruiting teams to play in the tournament!

It's happening on the 28th and 29th of August! Sign up here:

If anyone want contribute to the prize pool please DM SPYX#9003 on discord.

Rewards (subject to increase):

  • 87€ of mogstation + 14M gil for first place team;
  • 42€ of mogstation + 7M gil for second place team;
  • 21€ of mogstation for third place team.

Currently 4 teams signed up, the format will change depending on how many teams play!

Format Options:

3-5 teams: we play king of the hill (2 teams clash, loser gets replaced by next in line, at the end team with most wins, wins it all);

6+ teams: group stage followed by single elimination with grand finals to decide the winner.

Check out the first Coliseum of Chaos here! -

The character portraits were drawn by Tatoro! Dayn and Kiwi are both important parts of Coliseum of Chaos. Thank you for the amazing production quality!