The Feast (Training Match) and giveaway - Primal (6/12/21)

Hello, hello!

Here's another event being ran by a community member. Big thank you to Destiny Seeker of Ultros for coming to us with this idea!

Let's get Primal popping with some more Feast Training queue! Join us on Saturday June 12th at the Hyperion wolves den pier for some fun, practice and a chance to win one of the following via raffle:

  • 1 million gil
  • 1 fantasia

Any skill level is welcome to participate! Just come to have fun, relax, vibe, learn a little, and get those alpha wolf titles

How do you enter?

  • Queue for The Feast (Training Match) to be entered
  • Win a match to be entered twice
  • Post screenshot with date showing in #destinys-raffle-section
  • Please no more than one submission of each

Scan the QR code or type in the URL to join the Revival community to chat and enter your submissions!

Catch the action live on stream at ! Be sure to give her a follow for some cool art streams and variety games!