Interview with the EU FRC players at Paris FanFest

Hey! I am happy to finally release the interview Adalric and I worked on at Paris FanFest! It was an amazing time getting the chance to meeting many people in the EU PVP community and enjoying the Feast Regional Championship event together. After the tournament ended, we began the interview to gather the finalist's thoughts on Feast and PVP in general. Hope you enjoy and learn more about the EU PVP community!


To watch the matches, they are here on the official Final Fantasy XIV Twitch.

Semi-Finals 1 - Hashtag FreeTaru vs Ugandan Warriors

Semi-Finals 2 - No1Crs vs FeelsGladMan

Grand Finals


Thank you to the interviewees!

  • D'an Lyegha - Team Ugandan Warriors
  • Meythia Yasuki - Team No1Crs
  • Claw Rizael - Team FeelsGladMan
  • Naxam Naekovu - Team HashTag FreeTaru

Thank you for the support!

  • Askeladd Kordo
  • Axxou Sloppybear
  • Nhyx Arghord
  • Yato Iri
  • Tiax Blood
  • Bar Boron

BIG THANKS to Mamami Mami for editing this video!

Finally, GIGANTIC THANKS to Adalric Adart for hosting this interview with me! Catch him on his stream on Twitch or on Twitter.

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