Jobs used by the top 10 players! Season 12

Here are the jobs played by the players who reached Top 10 in Season 12! This list shows what they used to reach their spots. Left is main job, right side are alternate jobs that they gained at least 500 rating on. Only MAIN jobs are added to the total and pie charts below this season. BIG thanks to JoeG for gathering information and reaching out to the Japanese community per usual! If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me on my discord! - Brian Ricardo


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Chaos S12.png


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Primal S12.png


WAR's tank stance, Definance was changed to have the same effect as PLD and DRK this season. Even with this change Warrior is still able to hold 4 stack medals better then the other 2 tanks while also offering a ranged stun and damage increase for the party making it a strong pick for solo Q again.

10 WAR mains, 2 PLDs, 2 DRKs.

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More SCHs made it this season then the last few seasons. Chain Stratagem and Embrace got buffed for this season. SCH offers mitigation and damage to the team, but is still easily able to fall behind in heals and AST has no mitigation for limit breaks. Making WHM stay best haler.

19 WHM mains, 3 SCH, 2 AST.

meta-chart (2).png


Ninja overall useage went up this season thanks to the small buffs it received. More people was interested in playing it. MNK still a difficult job to climb on as its harder then DRG due to less frequent burst and ease of being CC punished.

9 DRG mains, 3 NIN, 2 SAM, 0 MNK.

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Ranged Physical DPS were effected by the changed made to healing reduction. 25% Healing reduction effecting all healing abilities this season such as Lustrate, Tetra, and Essential diginitiy make the LB more powerful. SMN was also slightly buffed from this change due to there Healing Reduction Ability. It has been many seasons since we seen a SMN make top 10. Since ranged DPS have longer Queue and lowest carry potential the amount of range DPS making to 10 is relevatively normal.

3 BLM Mains, 2 RDM, 2 MCH, 1 SMN, 0 BRD.