Jobs used by the top 10 players! Season 14

The first feast season of Shadowbringers has been completed! Congrats to everyone who made it on the rankings! Here are the jobs played by the players who made top 10 in each region for Season 14. As per usual, thanks to JoeG for helping with this. He is plays and communicates with the JP PvP community alot as helped with gathering these statistics.


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Gaia S14.png


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Light S14.png


Dark Knight was the most dominant tank. The healing reduction from Edge of Shadow was to stronger and has very long up time compared to debuffs the others tank provide. TBN barrier was also on a shorter cooldown then the other single target cooldowns other tanks provided. meta-chart.png


White mage was the more dominant healer used. It had perfect synergy of defense and offensive tools to help your team survive and kill. Astrologian was a decent job for the season but it was more dependant on how well your overall team damage was. It's more powerful if your team takes advantage of being buffed by AST Damage Up skills. meta-chart (1).png


Monk ended up being the most used melee. It's strong burst and survivability was very good to have for this season. It also worked very well in synergy of dancer the meta pick ranged for this season. The other melee jobs were also fine but monk is easier to play than ninja and dragoon. Samurai worked well this season as well, it's similar to monk except more pressure damage oriented over burst. In my opinion, monk was mostly played because it was simplier and easier to work with and not because it was WAY better than the other melee. meta-chart (2).png


Dancer was the most dominant role and job this season. 22 people climbed to top 10 maining this job. The job offered many buffs such as damage up, defense up, and action speed reductions. It also has a personal heal for you and your teamates. On top of that it is the most mobile ranged DPS being very hard to kill. No other ranged really offered this many tools to compete with this in balanced matchups. Red Mage was to easy to kill and low personal damage. Bard burst was to weak and did not offer enough offensive tools compared to dancer. Machinist was to difficult and did not offer enough supportive tools compared to dancer. Black Mage is one of the hardest jobs to play AND make work in Solo Q, while Dancer is one of the easist to play. Summoner technically was the second played range DPS, several people in all regions played it for top 100 and some used it as a secondary for top 10. But, since the meta shifted into ranged DPS holding medals, it was more powerful to play dancer hold the medals and be difficult to kill. meta-chart (3).png

The End

That's all! Thanks for reading. Linked below is the other tier list we have made if you would like to compare with the Stormblood seasons.

-Brian Ricardo

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