Jobs used by the top 10 players! Season 18

Hello all! Here are the jobs played by the players who made top 10 in each region. Thanks to Joe G for gathering information on the JP regions. Thanks to Nami, Air Weaver and Noah for their regions and inputs on the meta!


Gunbreaker was the tank that made it top 10 more than the others for the 3rd season in a row. WAR and PLD has a little representation and DRK had none. GBN just has so much offensive tools to make it the most powerful tank for solo Q. A major debuff thats allows for a strong team burst, self healing that makes it quite bulky and lastly secondary CC with AoE Heavy/Bind other tanks don't even have anything like this.The problem with DRK is survivalbility compared to the other tanks, the healing down debuff is just not as good as reducing someone defenses.



White Mage was the most dominant job played for top 10 players for the second season in a row.

Air Weaver, the R1 player of Aether this season used WHM as part of this climb this is what he had to say:

"WHM worked pretty well because they have pretty good party utility like dia and misery for burst."

The other healers also have utility but the uptime of WHM's can be very high making for high pressure while also being able to do high burst.



For the 4th season in a row, Dragoon was the most dominant melee job played for players. NIN and SAM has some showing by certain players who focus on using these jobs strengths in solo Q to there advantage. Aether R1 for example used NIN for a decent amount of his climb. MNK has no showing for top 10 this season but its hopeful for next season.

According to Noah Morice, R1 for this season on Light:

"Piercing talon is probably Dragoon biggest strength because it gives you a way to keep the pressure on a target even if the target is running away or even if you are the one in need to keep your distance to avoid a burst. Double defensive Dragoon and more precisely how bloodbath is effective on Dragoon is also another reason. By taking bloodbath and arms length you can stay in the fight and keep the pressure even when focused by the enemy team and with low chance of dying if you keep track of stuff like stun and phantom dart. Elusive jump is also a skill worth the mention in this because it denies one of the biggest strength of physical ranged and gun breaker (bind) In short Dragoon strength lay in the constant pressure you are able to do without a break because of the hybrid aspect of the job allowing you to play melee in safe window and ranged in less safe ones, you can also play around things like addle and bind and have the most difficult burst to read of all melees while also being a difficult target to put down."

According to Air Weaver who used NIN partially on this climb:

"I think ninja worked well because you're kind of forced to sync up your big bursts with pdart/bind/repose every 30 seconds, and it's a bit hard to tell who you're bursting too. Playing ninja slowed the game down for me. You can easily see when the enemy team's trying to sync up their damage in between that 30 second window, and you can get a lot of cooldowns too just by being unpredictable and keeping your uptime high.""



For the 3rd season in a row, BLM has been the most powerful ranged job used.

According to Nami Oh, the R1 of Chaos this season:

"As I see it, BLM is strong because of a variety of factors that I would rank in order

  1. 15 second cd mobility tool with 25 range
  2. F4 dart xeno/thundercloud burst is a very condensed and deadly burst
  3. Nightwing is a strong cc tool that can be used in a variety of ways (offense, defense)
  4. Strong single target pressure, especially when left unchecked
  5. Great ability to snipe boxes due to strong instant gcds with short animations "


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