Primal Posers Duel Tournament - GPOSERS x Revival

Hello, everyone!

GPOSERS and Revival are teaming up to bring you the Primal Posers Duel Tournament!

This tournament is DPS only, but unfortunately RDMs are not eligible to compete.

Join us on Sept 11th @ 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT @ the Wolves' Den Pier on Ultros! If you cannot make the event but wish to tune in one the action, the channel will be streamed by our very own Brian Ricardo on his Twitch channel


1st Place Prize: 3 mil gil and a $30 mogstation item

2nd Place Prize: 2 mil gil and a $20 mogstation item

3rd Place Prize: 1 mil gil and 2 $7 mogstation emotes

If you wish to compete, please sign up using the link below! Sign ups close Sept 4th so sign up up now before you forget! Good luck to all competitors.