Rhia Tournament for Beginners!

New to feast? Interested in playing with a team? Join the Rhia Tournament for Beginners!

8 feast vets have volunteered their time to coach a team of beginner feasters! This is aimed at PvPers in their FIRST SEASON*. Each team will have at least TWO sessions with their coach to practice and improve. Then, teams will compete in a tournament on Oct. 23rd, with a prize pool of 15 million gil and 4 fantasias!

Please note that this is an AETHER event. You must be on AETHER in order to participate.


►AETHER event

►32 spots For Beginners/First Season Feasters

►2+ coached training sessions in late September/Early October

►Tournament on Oct. 23rd

►2 million gil + 1 fantasia per member of 1st place team

►1 million gil per member of 2nd place team

►500,000 gil per member of 3rd place team

►250,000 gil per member of 4rd place team

Interested? Sign up here: https://forms.gle/Lu8qoKDkZNECYXs38

*If you have only played a handful of games in previous seasons, please contact Rhia (starriheavens#4851) regarding your experience.