Rival Wings during Mog Tomes? Yes please!

Hello, everyone!

Every treasure trove event, Rival Wings jumps in popularity because of its efficiency.

  • You gain 3 tomes per loss

  • You gain 5 tomes per win

  • You work towards TWO mounts

  • You collect Wolf Marks that can be exchanged for glamour pieces at the Wolves Den

  • You get EXP and regular tomes as well

  • It's FUN to mix up how you earn your tomes

Never did PvP before? Not sure how to start? Don't worry~ we have a huge community of PvP fans that are ready and willing to help.

Here's how you get started with PvP:

(Note: We have a Halloween event with raffles soon... stay tuned for more info!)

Not a fan of Rival Wings? That's fair! We support all PvP modes with events! Our next event will be focused on a feast tournament for beginners! The tournament will be hosted by our community member Rhia - Reddit post coming soon full details!

Hope you all enjoy the tome hunting!

To those of you jumping into PvP: looking forward to chatting with you on Discord, seeing you grow and meeting you on the battlefield :)

Shout out to The Phookas for working with us in the infographic :)