Rival Wings - Rise Of The Robots - Sept 24&25

Time to RISE UP Rival Wingers! Suit up in your best robot/cyborg themed glams and let’s get to stomping the opposing team’s uprising!

Rival Wings: Rise of the Robots

Calling all data centers:

Join us on Friday Sept 24 & Saturday Sept 25 for our Rise of the Robots event!

Want to know how you can plug in to all the robotic fun?

  1. Mech up in your best robot or cyborg themed glam — No glam? No problem! Participate in Rival Wings and other PVP matches to collect Wolf Marks. This in-game currency can be spent at the Wolves Den Pier on “Late Allagan” robot themed glam pieces!
  2. Queue for Rival Wings
  3. Destroy opponents
  4. Win artwork!

Meet up in Mor Dhona

Jenova | Leviathan | Diablos | Phoenix | Ragnarok

Rise of the Robots Raffles

Two raffles will be held during the event, where you’ll be able to vie for headshot/bust commissions of your WoL:

  • Participation Raffle: Submit a match result screenshot shouting “rise of the robots”
  • Glam Raffle: Take and submit a screenshot of your robot/cyborg glam while in the Rival Wings loading dock
  • Tag submissions with #FFXIVRobots and @ffxivpvprevival on Twitter.

For more information and raffle rules, please see the twitter post below:


Want to help promote the event? Here's a handy shout:

Rival Wings Rise of the Robots! Grab your robot glams and join the Hidden Gorge PVP event Fri/Sat Sept 24/25 8PM EDT. More info: discord.gg/pvprevival

New to the mode? Need a refresher? Check out the the Akhmorning website! https://www.akhmorning.com/pvp/rival-wings-hidden-gorge/