Week 1 of Coliseum of Chaos | Interview with Meryll

The first week of Coliseum of Chaos has passed! It was an amazing start and peaked at nearly 200 viewers on twitch! All footage can be found on the Youtube channel.


Our staff at Revival were extremely impressed by everything. Production value, shoutcasting skill level, player skill level, graphics and the sense of community.

We decided to ask some questions to the organizers of this tournament a few questions!

First with one of the head admins - Meryll!



Thank you Meryll Shelin for taking the time to answer these questions! Make sure to follow to COC channel for the future matches! https://www.twitch.tv/coliseumofchaos

Our goal at revival is to supports all PvP modes and events so please make sure to join our discord and hang out if you are interested! discord.gg/pvprevival