Our Team

Revival staff, content creators and shout minions.

Core Staff

Brian Ricardo Staff Adamantoise / Aether
Hi! I am the admin of the the Revival Discord! I am also a full time content creator who focuses on FFXIV PvP! Feel free to come by for a chill time
Eternal Arcadia Staff Faerie / Aether
Hi. I like PvP and so should you. I handle our social media and do a lot of networking. I also coordinate with our partners to help their events get advertised on our Twitter, partner discord servers and of course in Revival. Join and don't lurk. Or else.
Squintina Nightgard Staff Faerie / Aether
Achievement hunter and controller enthusiast who streams Rival Wings regularly. PVP scholar forever - through the good times and the bad times.
Faelana Breeze Moderator Midgardsormr / Aether
PvP Monk / PvE Bard main, Faelana Jenkins, 1v24 Frontlines enthusiast. While I love rushing into enemy alliances, my favorite PvP mode is Dueling!
Gravriel Priest Staff/Artist Omega / Chaos
🥖 baguette artist and gamer, I mainly focus on advertising Rival Wings and other pvp events for the Chaos data center.
Uni Corniea Staff/Graphic Designer Cerberus / Chaos
I'm just a topmodel who happened to find PvP and never left ever since. Also make pretty pictures so everyone is able to find out about our wonderful events.
Grumpycakes Mei Staff Midgardsormer/Aether
Hi! Don't let the name fool you I am rarely Grumpy, unless I get holmganged into a train... I am a white mage at heart but enjoy many other jobs. I love helping with events and getting the word out about Revival.
Xaniya Nikte'ha Staff Diabolos/Crystal
Rival Wings enthusiast, catgirl collector, and self-proclaimed fashionista. I like to organize events and plan themes for Revival!
Cherry Luna Staff Excalibur / Primal
Hello there! I'm just a boba addict that enjoys PvP. My PvP background is mostly from WoW but I'm here to help out players and promote a positive, learning environment. Queue it up! <3

Moderation & Community Staff

Cynric Caliburn Moderator Cactuar / Aether
Hi there o/. I'm a Moderator for the Revival Discord and I love streaming both PvE and PvP. I'm always happy to help people learn things about FFXIV and it's my favorite game 😊
Cup Girl Moderator Adamantoise / Aether
Just your average player who plays too much Frontline
Destiny Esencia Moderator Gobby Land

Web Minions

Smol Mami Web Developer/Graphics Design Phoenix / Light
Meep! I liek to make things, also i love shatter!